3 Hiking Trails in Tasmania To Be Conquered

Tasmania is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, fashioned with natural beauty, it is the least explored state in Australia. Found ten hours by ferry from Melbourne, this is Australia’s only island state. Often considered by many to be the most “natural” state of Australia, it is home to vast expanses of wilderness and remote nature reserves.

No less than 45 percent of Tasmania’s surface area is protected by the Government, consisting of 19 national parks all across the country, Tasmania is the ideal choice for hiking, trekking, and all kinds of outdoor experience.

The best way to research these magnificent parks and put eyes on a few of Earth’s greatest landscapes is trekking (and camping) through it. So invest in a sturdy pair of boots, fill your thermal bottle, throw a supportive backpack over your shoulders and go out for an experience on the beautiful hiking trails of Tasmania.


1. For Beaches: Freycinet National Park

The crown gem of Tasmania’s coastal areas, Freycinet National Park contains some of the best coastal landscapes you will ever see. A long and narrow peninsula jutting out into the sea on the island’s east shore, Freycinet can simply be entered from the north, unless you have access to a boat.

The only car entry in Freycinet National Park is located near Coles Bay, the area’s most important town. It is a popular backpackers’ hangout where you can conveniently put up on food and other trekking and camping requirements. In prep for your hike into Freycinet, or to capture your breath after, there is a selection of accommodation in Coles Bay. The property in this area has been very popular as of late. An investment property advisor would likely tell you its due to the increase in appeal of a quieter lifestyle as well as substantially cheaper housing. If hiking is a passion of yours, developing an investment property plan to acquire your own accommodation is definitely something to consider.

Wineglass Bay Lookout is a popular destination for tourist hikers. This brief hike is fairly steep but provides a view of just one of Tasmania’s most photographed places. It is a great area to relax, with several luxury hotels to lodge in. If you plan to do consecutive hikes, make use of a spa retreat so you strain your body too much.

Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park

While a lot of people return to their cars after the lookout, you need to continue on toward Wineglass Bay Beach. This hike takes you over a saddle in the Hazards, the pink granite mountain range that overlooks the Freycinet landscape. There is a small standard campground on the opposite end of the shore where it is possible to pitch a tent.

This park is famous for its abundant birdlife, unadorned mountain peaks, white sand, and scenic secluded inlets. It is among the very best national parks in Tasmania for walkers, particularly if you’re after world-class shores. There isn’t anything like resting on a beach and watching the sunset after a tough hike. If you would like to, you may even sleep beneath the stars on Wineglass Bay Beach. It will not get any better than that.

Suggested Hikes
Wineglass Bay/Hazards Beach Circuit – 11 kilometres
Mount Amos – 4 kilometres
Freycinet Peninsula Circuit – 30 kilometres


2. For Spectacular Coastal Scenery: Tasman National Park

Situated on the wild Tasman Peninsula in southeastern Tasmania, close to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Port Arthur,

Tasman National Park is well known for its spectacular coastal cliffs, wildlife and forests.

Hobart is the obvious location to use as a base when researching this part of Tasmania. Filled with background and hosting fun events during the entire year, there’s a lot to see and do there. It is also the biggest city in the island. If you are arranging a visit to Tasman National Park, Hobart is the place you must begin.

Devil’s Kitchen At Tasman National Park

The park is home to some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Australia. Additionally, it encompasses several islands, for example, Tasman Island and Hippolyte Rocks. Unsurprisingly, stone formations would be the star attractions in the corner of Tasmania.

Hiking is, naturally, the best way to experience all of it. Trails vary from short one hour wanders to excellent multi-day experiences. Tasman National Park also appears to be the placing of Tasmania’s latest long-haul increase – the four-day Three Capes Track. If you would like to do this one, you need to book a place. Just 48 hikers daily are permitted.

Suggested Hikes

The Three Capes Track – 46 kilometres
Tasman Coastal Trail – 45 kilometres
Cape Hauy Track – 9 kilometres
Cape Raoul Track – 14 kilometres

3. For Long-Distance Hiking: Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park

A component of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, this is one of Tasmania’s most famous parks, home to arguably its most famous mountain. As its title suggests, Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park is composed of two distinct locations. Lake St. Clair located close to the southern border of the park whilst Cradle Mountain overlooks the park’s northern area. Both regions have visitor facilities and their own unique lifts and attractions.

The primary attraction in Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park to get hikers, however, is the magnificent world-famous Overland Track. Starting near the famed Cradle Mountain, this six-day hike leads adventurers through numerous mountain landscapes. It finishes at Lake St. Clair. There are no facilities or stores along the road, so hikers have to pack everything they require to survive – food, water, clothing, and camping utilities. This is an incredible hike, consider designing a website to share your experience with other interested hikers and travelers. Speak to a professional if you need web development ideas to get you started!

Boat shed on the Cradle Mountain Hike

The Overland Track is among the best hiking adventures you could have in Tasmania. This is the one hike you should absolutely perform. (Remember you’ll have to have a license to do this hike as it is extremely popular and there is a limitation to the folks allowed on the road at any one time. Be certain that you book way beforehand.

Individuals that are looking for shorter scales will have plenty of options, though. There are a number of different hikes in the regions of the park.

Suggested Hikes at the Cradle Mountain Area
• Dove Lake Circuit – 10 kilometres
• Overland Track – 65 kilometres

Suggested Hikes in the Lake St. Clair Area
• Shadow Lakes Circuit – 12 kilometres
• Mount Rufus Circuit – 18 kilometres